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Gutter Cleaning Now is a Great time

Gutter Cleaning.  It is now Winter in Georgia,  fall is over and the Leaves are done falling.  Now is a Great time to Clean Gutters and Clear Downspouts.  Allowing Leaves to stay in the Gutters is a bad idea. Leaves will absorb moister  and since it is  Colder and there is less sun in winter,  this moister will not Dry out easily but the water will be Retained in your gutters.  Water is heavy and the extra weight will cause gutters to Sag and pull away from the house causing damage to the facia boards too.  This will result in more work and posibly damage to your home as the Gutters sag and become less effective.  Dependable Window Cleaning will Clear loose debris from Gutters and Downspouts.  Call or Text today 770-237-3192.  We will Send a Proposal for Gutter Cleaning, Once Confirmed,  we will set a date  to  Make it Look Great!

Gutter Cleaning, Clear loose debris from Gutters and Downspouts. We Clear, Collect and Dispose of loose Debris from Gutters and Downspouts. Then Inspect, Test and Confirm all are Clear and Secured to Function Optimally.  We do our Best to Clear Gutters without removing Guards We Clear Thru Guards, moving loose debris to DownSpouts and Clear-Out DownSpouts.
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